Game Development


Game Development: Game Design and Game Programming

Gameshastra is at the fore-front of introducing Indian talent to the global game development chain. We create seamless extensions to our customer's game design and game development teams.

Our game developers come with intensive training in Computer Science from highly regarded institutions. Most of our game developers have Master's degrees in Computer Science.

We appoint talented associates to work as part of the game programming development teams in the areas of artificial intelligence, physics and 3D gaming engines. We integrate projects seamlessly with the assistance of game development managers from Princeton (USA) and Hyderabad (India).

Gameshastra engages the finest QA and 3D animation talent to provide complete game solutions.
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Our Development Clients
Our Clients - Development
Our teams undertake projects on PC and console platforms in the following fields:
  • End-to-end outsourced Game Development (in end-to-end projects we tend to focus on PC, Online, PS2/PS3/PSP and XBox Live Arcade titles, though we also consider complete console titles or console ports).
  • Tool Development (for both core and casual games)
  • Engine programming and modifications (for both 2D and 3D engines)
  • Game Design and programming in Artificial Intelligence
  • Platform Porting
  • Game Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence and Physics Development
  • Network and Online Development

Gameshastra uses a proprietary Project Management Engine to give customers a real-time access to the complete game development cycle. Gameshastra customizes project dashboards to meet customers' requirements.