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Don 2 The Game Coming Soon!
  Having conquered the Asian underworld, Don now has his sights set on European domination. In his way are the bosses of the existing European underworld and all law enforcement agencies.

The action shifts from Kuala Lumpur to Berlin as Don must avoid assassination or arrest, whichever comes first, in order for his plan to succeed.

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Don 2 The Game
    Action / Adventure
Rescube iPhone
  Rescube is a cute and exciting causal puzzle game. A Baby Alien needs to reach its destination but is trapped in a maze of cubes marked with directional arrows. The player's objective is to help the Baby Alien set itself free from the trap so that it reaches its destination. The player needs to strategically figure out the shortest and most efficient way out of the trap for the Baby Alien. The game has over 100 levels and the difficulty of each level increases with each level. After all the levels are completed, the player is taken to the story mode where the player must help the Baby Alien to retrieve the spaceship. Rescube
World Ping Pong Championship AndroidPSP
  World Ping Pong Championship is an exciting arcade style Table Tennis game, where you compete against several opponents to ultimately achieve the World Ping Pong Championship. Every opponent poses different level of difficulty and challenge.

Intuitive key controls help you place the ball more accurately on the table. The game offers three different player modes - Practice mode, Tournament mode and Pub mode. Player can select up to three unique paddle styles to play with.
World Ping Pong Championship
Free Shot Frenzy AndroidPSP
  Free Shot Frenzy is an arcade sports game, where the player throws basketballs in rapid succession to try and get as many goals he / she can in a given time. The objective of the game is to score the maximum number of goals possible in a given time. The Hoopsters move around the screen to make the game more challenging.

The game lets the player play three different modes - Arcade, Go Frenzy and Impulsive mode. In the Arcade mode and Go frenzy mode player is allowed 55 seconds to score as many baskets as possible, where as in Impulsive mode, player gets 90 seconds.
Free Shot Frenzy
Top Gun AndroidPSP
You are a new recruit under the guidance and training of Maverick and Iceman, now teachers at the Top Gun Academy. A new, hostile Communist threat has begun encroaching upon our Naval space, and it is up to you to fend off these unfriendly bogies in your supersonic fighter jet.

Strap yourself in – And scream through the skies in either a fighter jet or a stealth bomber. Torch Your Enemy With Heavy Firepower – Fire target-locking missiles or strafe enemy positions and aircraft with Vulcan cannons. Avoid The Danger Zone – Incoming air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles as well as aerial and ground-based obstacles create multiple "Danger Zones" that must be avoided.

Progress through 10 in-depth missions in a variety of environments including oceans, deserts, canyons and city centres. Earn medals and achievements while progressing through each mission.
Top Gun
Days of Thunder AndroidPSP
The first car racing game on PSP go based on the classic motion picture. High Octane Racing - Draft off the cars in front of you and "Drop the Hammer" to get a burst of speed and invincibility.

Rivals - Advanced AI racers who will stop at nothing to throw you out of the race.

Trade paint with your opponents - Crash your opponent's car and watch the carnage in slow motion.

Earn new speed machines - Hunt down opponents, take them out and add their car to your garage. Unlock and collect up to 14 unique new race cars.

Compete 39 races - Covering 12 unique tracks in six different circuits: Amateur, Qualifying, Semi-Pro, Pro, Superstar, and Endurance.

Unlock new tracks - Progress through Story Mode and earn achievements as you progress through the game.

Strategically use your pit - Pull into the pits to refuel and repair your car.
Days Of Thunder
Predator Drone iPhone
Predator Drone is a 2D MMO statistics-based strategy game that is structured upon Google maps. Using the GPS (Global Positioning System), players from around the world can establish their base of operations and pilot U.C.A.V (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) to accumulate resources and eliminate their opponents.

Rule the skies with your very own wings of destruction in this exciting new strategy game. Operate military's most high-end tech, use it to track down your enemies and bring them down. Explore the globe and make new allies to secure your hold. Following is a list of key features of the game.

Integrated GPS feature allows players to mark their locations on the Google map. Pinpoint your location and setup your very own headquarter on top of that.

Build an HQ to purchase and upgrade your drones and deploy them anywhere across the world.

Tactical points are awarded to players when they complete missions or when they fight opponents. With these points players can purchase new drones or upgrade their existing ones.

Micro-transaction feature that gives players the opportunity to purchase drones, upgrades using real money.

Choose from three unique classes of UCAVs, each with separate upgrades and functionalities.

Numerous weapons, armor and tech upgrades are available for drones that make them more efficient in taking out their enemy counterparts.
Pradator Drone
    Action / Adventure
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